Quick & clean installation
Quick & clean installation

Just three rows of tiles are removed and scaffolding is erected on only one side of the building, making installation quicker and easier than traditional methods.

Suitable for experienced DIYers
Suitable for experienced DIYers

Our pre-installation assessment and detailed technical documentation and video help you or your installer carry out your conversion to a high standard.

Get that extra space…
Get that extra space…

A TeleBeam installation is quickly carried out and your daily life is not disrupted by workers inside the house.

Innovative loft conversions
Innovative loft conversions

We take care to provide a detailed pre-installation assessment and design process to give our customers great service.

The UK’s only Award Winning Loft Conversion System turns your unused roof space into a functional room for leisure, work or sleeping…

  • TeleBeam was invented in 2004 as a ground-breaking solution to the challenges of converting modern trussed roofs
  • Modern properties are designed with very little internal structure, so it is very difficult to span large distances and support both roof and floor loads
  • TeleBeam’s multi-award winning telescopic technology breaks the mould, allowing post 1960’s trussed roof houses to be converted with a minimum of disruption
  • Installation is carried out with just a few days on-site and minimal scaffolding to one side of the property
Man relaxing on sofa in loft conversion

Practical living & work spaces

See what you can achieve with a loft conversion using TeleBeam’s lightweight and non-invasive technology.

Woman sitting by window with plant in a loft conversion.

Why choose TeleBeam?

  • TeleBeam incorporates floor and roof support in one single bespoke solution
  • Lightweight, telescopic, extruded aluminium sections
  • No heavy steel beams, cranes or timber floor joists required, for a simple and quick non-invasive installation process
  • Designed for modern trussed roofs and can be adapted for older style cut roofs
  • Can be used in modern timber-framed buildings as it spreads the load over the whole structure
  • Technical drawings, structural calculations and dedicated technical support provided throughout the build process

What our customers say…

Very professional…

“The TeleBeam system allowed me to convert a loft where a conventional steel solution would not work as I’d lose too much head height.” Mr F, Essex.

Simple & Effective

“The fact that you can reach from wall plate to wall plate without fuss is great.” Bullnose Builders, Glasgow.

Outstanding system

“What an outstanding system I shall be recommending this to all agents and architects I deal with. The best idea I have come across.” Structural Engineer, Peterborough City Council.

Extremely pleased…

“We are extremely pleased with how everything has worked out. The space we have achieved has been absolutely amazing, and much of this is down to using TeleBeam. The sea views we now have are simply stunning.” Mr L, East Sussex.