TeleBeam British Board of Agrément accreditation

On the latest update from us we are very excited to announce that we have achieved the highly regarded British Board of Agrément certification.

What is BBA?

Founded in 1966 by the UK government, the BBA has offered accreditation within the construction industry to ensure safe and sustainable practice. With continuous inspections, certificated products offer peace of mind to both homeowners and industry professionals ensuring the highest standards are met.

The accreditation has been a long time coming for us with theoretical calculations and practical testing carried out to analyse the performance of the TeleBeam system. This information is collated and passed through multiple levels of review from BBA engineers.

TeleBeam BBA approval is a major milestone for us

This accredication ensures we keep track of evolving regulations within the industry. TeleBeam is the only telescopic aluminium floor joist and loft conversion system to achieve BBA accreditation and with many new projects on the horizon watch this space. In the meantime, we will continue to offer our superb products and excellent service!