Sustainable Production Processes

A Greener, Eco-Friendly Product

Our chosen production process and use of aluminium means…

  • We minimise energy consumption and re-use natural resources in partnership with BOAL through their Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy
  • We use recycled aluminium collected from BOAL Group’s subsidiaries – this is recycled and re-used, thus minimising our carbon dioxide emissions and energy consumption
  • We are helping the environment by recycling aluminium, which costs only 10% of the energy required to produce new aluminium
  • The experienced production team at BOAL’s modern UK production works create the best aluminium profiles for our TeleBeams
Long shot of TeleBeams being manufactured at the BOAL Extrusion factory

BOAL Extrusion logo

With over five decades’ worth of experience BOAL Extrusion works with companies all over the world and they have an in-depth are known for delivery reliability and flexible timelines.

TeleBeams are produced in BOAL’S UK production facility and meet stringent building industry standards, using environmentally friendly, lightweight aluminium as the production material.

ESG Global 50 top rated logo (for BOAL)

Planting Trees – the BOAL Forest

BOAL Extrusion UK has committed to planting trees for every next 100 injury-free days, with the goal of creating a BOAL forest that will benefit the local community and of course to help ensure that the extrusion plant remains a safe place to work.

“… trees were planted less than five miles from our factory, so it is a really local initiative. We have committed to this cause and will, for the foreseeable future, plant additional trees for every next 100 injury-free days. That would not only be good for the near community, it would also mean that our plant is and stays a safe place to work. At this moment we are in fact already over 150 consecutive injury-free days. I can’t wait to get those next 100 trees planted!

— David Shepherd, Production Manager at BOAL
BOAL team tree planting with company banner
The BOAL team planting trees